Interior Monologues

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Interior Monologues’ is an exhibition and zine publication highlighting the work of 7 artists and 8 writers all working in response to artworks selected from the USW museum status, art collection. The exhibition will run for 6 weeks from Monday 11 February to Thursday 21 March 2019 with an opening event complete with readings of the newly commissioned writing to take place on Wednesday 20 February 2019, 6.00 – 8.00

The title of the exhibition is a play on words meaning both a person's inner voice and the personal truths revealed through choices of interior décor. Just as with the clothes we wear so much is revealed about our character through the way we decorate and furnish our homes indicative of social status, taste, anxieties and aspirations. As a literary device the Interior monologue creates a window into the mental processes of a character at the stage of precognition before the formation of coherent sequential speech. Modernist writers such as James Joyce and Virginia Wolfe used interior monologues to challenge literary form and to describe an unfolding partial viewpoint that immerses the reader in the psychology of the protagonists.

The project will invite creative writers from the USW English department to contribute stream of consciousness writing to juxtapose with the images contained in the exhibition.

The contributors and connections between them are as follows:

8 Writers 7 Artists 11 Art Works from the collection

Mel Smith Susan Akins Split Frame, Crack and Warp Square by David Nash

Barrie Llewelyn Mererid Velios The Parlour by Tina Carr and Anne Marie Shone

Judith Goldsmith Chris Hopkins Interior no 3 by Ernest Zobole

Cathy Dreyer Sharon Magill The Last Rose by Joan Baker

Garden for Pleasure and Remembrance by Carol Hiles

Leather Chair with a Painting of Marion by Charles Burton

Last Supper by Roderick Hanlan

The Studio by unknown artist

Dale Hay Nick Jenkins Doll in the Doorway Anne Culverhouse Evans

Sara Robles Luz Erika Chick photographs of Aberfan by I Chuck Rapoport’s

Colum Sanson Regan Jessica Greenway Red Beard, Mint by Richard Cox