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Philip Gross

Bag for Life                                                                                                           Still Deaths, David Barnes (photograph, 2013-14)

 Still lives, we know, are always                                                                                               deaths - lives, stilled. Just as decay 

 is life: mould, putting out brave colonies                                                                            in wastes of plastic. Of us. Smears

 of green - life-shadow - or a bloom                                                                                     of blusher orange in the almost-see-through

 veil of a bag with its neck tied,                                                                                           double-knotted, are almost a face, that might

 disclose itself to you, against black                                                                                   night, with a flash-bulb-startled look,

 might almost speak to you, through words                                                                     bleached to a sigh: Sainsbury. Bag for Life.

 A present from the future, disinterred.

 Philip Gross,  10.12.14

Philip Gross (1952) is a poet, novelist, playwright, children's writer and academic. He was appointed Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan, now the University of South Wales in 2004, frequently contributing to Oriel y Bont exhibitions and events. He won the T. S. Eliot Prize in 2009 for a collection of poems, The Water Table, a Gregory Award in 1981, and the National Poetry Competition in 1982.

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