Art of Regeneration?

We asked children at Parc Lewis school what changes would you like to see? They said…

‘In Ponty I think there should be less cars and more animals.’ McKenzie                                                       

‘I want it to be more trees for oxygen so we can breathe.’ Isabella

‘I think, people should plant more trees in Ponty Park. ‘  Jake

‘Knock down buildings to make more space because it is all squished.’ Lacie 

‘Use no petrol and diesel and if teleporting is real, use that.’ Jacob

To look toward what the future might hold for the region and what the changes taking place mean to people, artists Nichola Goff, Sharon Magill and Natalia Dias have engaged with a variety of local community groups and organisations: Artis Community, The Crafty Cuppas, Pontypridd Museum, Rhondda Cynon Taff Creative Writing group and children from Parc Lewis Primary School. While creating their own objects and images using plants found growing on former slag heaps and printed with pigment derived from mining waste, the community have also chosen artworks from the University of South Wales Permanent Collection that reflect the scars of the industrial past.

The exhibition is supported by the HEFCW Civic Mission fund at USW. We are grateful to HEFCW, Artis Community and Pontypridd Museum for their help and support in bring the exhibition together.